eSled Aurora test drive in SnowCross Oulu

First public test drive of eSled Aurora was durin SnowCross Oulu in February, and boy did we have a turnout! Almost 200 happy test drivers, and great conversation about the future of snowmobiles – read some of the comments and feedback our test drivers had to say about the eSled.

”It’s really something else, compared to a regular sled. Quiet and glides smoothly on the trail, without jolting your hands.”

”It’s amazing how there’s no engine buzz from the sled… but it sure takes off!”

”I’m not surprised that safari companies are queuing up for these. Fits the Finnish wilderness perfectly, and driving it costs next to nothing.”

”This could be our family’s only sled. I’d dare to let the kids drive it, as you can adjust the driving mode to suit them. And a 100 km range is definitely enough for me too.”

”It really surpasses expectations; this is a real sled, not just a prototype. So, is there going to be a wider model for work use?”

”No need to guess if electric sleds will come. It’s more like when they’ll all be electric, initially for tourism, then ski resorts and other professionals.”

”That expression just oozes eagerness, it seems to devour the sledding trail.”

”It goes smoothly wherever you steer. No strain on the hands.”

”Listen. I’ve driven others trying to make this type (electric sled). You’ve got a huge head start, and with a few adjustments, it’ll only grow. Incredible sled, and from Finland!”

”I’ve been on skis my whole life, but never before today with engine power. Nice ride. I could definitely take this, we already have electric bikes.”

”I won’t have to worry about laundry with sled suits, no smell sticks to the gear.”

”It’s an impressive sled. Get these (for a major Finnish ski resort) right away and they’ll wipe out a huge amount of CO2 emissions from their balance sheet. Not to mention the jackpot for their marketing, an eco-friendly destination also in terms of equipment.”

”100 km of winter outdoor activities in the silence of the Finnish forest? Have you already told foreign tour operators? Lapland will soon be crowded…”

”What? Are you planning to bring your own platform to the 2025 model, which is better than this top-notch one available in stores? You seem to be serious?!”

”If our village’s safari entrepreneurs had these (a major Finnish ski resort), the horrendous morning smoke cloud would disappear.”

”I guess safari entrepreneurs already have these? If they can drive 100 km and fuel costs €2, they’ll pay for themselves damn quickly.”

”I think tourists won’t want those noisy tubs anymore (points with finger at traditional sleds) when they want to see the Northern Lights.”

”It goes like a train! No need to wrestle after a bump like with a regular sled (makes dramatic hand gestures).”

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