Aurora Powertrains Ltd. new partner to Ski Classics

Ski Classics and the electric snowmobile company Aurora Powertrains have signed an agreement ahead of the upcoming winter season. Aurora Powertrains will partner with Ski Classics on the Pro Tour and provide the electric eSled snowmobiles for the TV production.

Snowmobiling is going electric, and for Ski Classics Season XV, Aurora Powertrains will provide the TV production crew with the new eSled – an electric snowmobile with a range of 100km.

A fully electric snowmobile creates a new environmentally friendly and sustainable way to move in the winter. The equipment produces no emissions while being driven. The eSled is easy to drive, stable, and trustable, with no risks for the athletes, audiences, and working media staff, and safe to ’fuel.’ In the age of fluorocarbon-free waxing, avoiding polluting nature and minimizing CO2 emissions during the Ski Classics Pro Tour is important.

”In our strive to become the green winter sport we have closely been monitoring and testing the snowmobile development over the past years, waiting for a product that can handle our distances. We are excited to finally be able to, together with Aurora Powertrains, take one step further into our future ambitions, bringing a more sustainable production to the TV viewers during the winter.” says David Nilsson, CEO Ski Classics.

“Ski Classics organization and eSled have a lot in common, sustainability focus is of most importance and we want to work hard to over time be more and more green. So, eSleds, 100% zero emission, and noise free snowmobiles are a perfect match for Ski Classics TV crew. They do not disturb skiers, viewers, or animals,” says Matti Autioniemi, CEO of Aurora Powertrains Ltd., and adds:

”Together with Ski Classics and it’s other partners, we want to send a strong message to all people on the events and TV viewers around Europe. Every single step for reducing CO2 emissions is important, and eSled is the answer from our side. Modern electric snowmobile used for outdoor recreation and work.”

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Aurora Powertrains Ltd develops and manufactures eSled electric snowmobiles as well as battery systems based on their own battery modules. The battery system is modular and offers high performance. APT’s systems are used by manufacturers of electric boats, small machinery, and tracked vehicles, among others. The company was founded in 2017. The product development unit is located in Rovaniemi, and the production facility is in Mikkeli.

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