Electric snowmobile supports bidirectional charging

Turku-based InterControl Ltd. introduced its Latinki11 charging device for bidirectional charging of electric vehicles at the Jyväskylä Electric Vehicle Fair.

Matti Autioniemi says that the 50 kW eSled snowmobile has not yet undergone official performance measurements, but it undoubtedly accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in under five seconds.

To test the functionality of the technology, InterControl participated in the design of Aurora Powertrains Ltd.’s electric snowmobile battery management software. The bidirectional 11 kW unit allows, for example, the electric snowmobile battery to be utilized for consumption flexibility solutions during snow-free periods.

eSled was showcasing with InterControl at the Sähkömessut fair in Jyväskylä. eSled Aurora electric snowmobile and InterControl’s Latinki unit are the perfect marriage. Both units offer bidirectional charging. This means you can charge eSled’s battery 365 days a year and use the electricity whenever you want.

Think about off-grid summer cottage with solar panels, 21 kWh energy storage which you can drive silently on snow… This is not a dream, it’s real!

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