Aurora Powertrains' electric snowmobile was born in the arctic conditions of Lapland

Pure silence. Pure power
Located in Finland, country of four seasons, we truly recognize the effects of climate change. Our nature offers superb possibilities for outdoor people and these circumstances we highly respect. As a part of electric motions revolution, Aurora Powertrains has the real focus on nature. eSled produces zero CO2 emissions and operates silently, causing no harm to animals or other outdoor people. eSled does not leave behind gasoline or oil pollution, even smell to driven areas.

eSled electric snowmobile

The future of electric snowmobiling is born in the demanding conditions of the Arctic environment. Do you want to be part of the electric revolution? Explore eSled today, and you’ll be one step closer to a zero-emission and quiet driving experience.

The heart of the electric snowmobile is designed to survive in the Arctic

The emission-free eSled’s battery module and BMS / PDU have been designed and proven to operate in harsh Arctic conditions. Proprietary module interconnection system maximizes pack level energy density.

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