Aurora Powertrains Electric Snowmobile

The future of snowmobiling is forged in the demanding conditions of the Arctic Circle. Join the electric revolution now.

Turn on the silence of nature

Pure silence. Pure power
Can you hear it? The wind strumming the snowy branches, the song of the air rushing through them? These are the sounds that the pitter-patter of old gas-fed snowmobiles obscure – thankfully there exists a more sustainable alternative.

Design by Arctic nature

When you want first-class sledding ergonomics and enough driving range to cover your needs, count on eSled to deliver.


Do you want motorcycle-like driving ergonomics? eSled’s patented front suspension provides the optimal ride in different riding conditions. Enhanced vehicle dynamics guarantee you can maneuver through tight trails in style.

Battery pack

The emission-free eSled’s battery module and BMS / PDU have been designed and proven to operate in harsh Arctic conditions. Proprietary module interconnection system maximizes pack level energy density.


From freezing weather to large temperature fluctuations, eSled is designed to overcome all the challenges presented by the Arctic.


When you think about innovative all-electric snowmobiles, you’re thinking of eSled. Don’t believe us? Check out these specs yourself.

Exoskeleton chassis:

Increased torsional stiffness

Maximized strength-to-weight ratio


40 km / 7kWh – 100 km / 21 kWh


Starting from 60 kW peak

Fixed gear ratio, belt driven


Starting from 140 Nm peak

Battery pack:

Modular, scalable from 7 – 21 kWh


AC, up to 6.6 kW

DC, up to 1.2 C (option)


Length 3015 mm

Width 1283 mm

Height 1168 mm

Ski stance 1074 mm


270 kg / 21 kWh;  216 kg / 10 kWh; 198 kg / 7 kWh


Front travel 249 mm

Rising rate, Minimal scrub


Minimalistic design, less is more

Range optimized vehicle dynamics

Maximized structural rigidity

Ski pressure widely adjustable

Centralized weight distribution




Specifications are preliminary and subject to change without prior notice.


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